Search for the Original Israelite Paternal Line

Family Tradition can be altered; Yichusim can be faked or forged; DNA is irrefutable.

According to the official Karaite Hakham outside of Israel, Meir Rekhavi

Meir Rekhavi

Who decides what a Paternal Jewish Line is? These are all 100% Paternal Lines of the Y Chromosome– which cannot be faked. These men, in each of their groups [J1, J2, and E1b] all share the exact same Paternal Line.


Paternal Jewish Line J1


Paternal Jewish Line


Paternal Jewish Line E


“In the search for indicators of the Israelite ancestry of Crimean Karaites it would be considered more relevant when they match Ashkenazim by Y-DNA as opposed to mtDNA since the mtDNA lineages of Ashkenazim show substantial European admixture and even traces of South Chinese, North Asian, and North African ancestries in some families whereas the Y-DNA of Ashkenazim is much more frequently of West Asian origin, including Levantine ancestry held in common with peoples like the Samaritans, Syrians, Lebanese, and Druze.”
Kevin Alan BROOK

In this genetic study, there were 20 men which produced Y DNA results; of these, 4 [20%] were positive for the J1 haplogroup, 6 [30%] were positive for the J2 haplogroup, 4 [20%] were positive for the E1b1 haplogroup, and 6 [30%] were from the haplogroups G [3 persons], L2a [1 person], R1b1 [1 person] and Q1b1 [1 person].

According to the following genetic study performed, 12 men of the 4 Samaritan families were tested for their Paternal Y Chromosome lineages. Of these, 4 were from the Sedaka family [tracing their lineage to Menashe], 4 were from the Joshua-Marhiv family [tracing their lineage to Ephraim], 2 were from the Danfi family [also tracing their lineage to Ephraim] and 2 were from the Cohen family [tracing their line to Levi].

Of these four families, the Sedaqa [Menashe] and Danfi [Ephraim] lines were positive for J2 [50%], while the Joshua-Marhiv [Ephraim] family was positive for J1 [33%] and the Cohen family was positive for E1b1b [16%].

Genetics and the History of the Samaritans: Y-Chromosomal
Microsatellites and Genetic Afinity between Samaritans and

It is interesting to note that both the Samaritan and Karaites hold strictly to Paternal descent. If we combine these two groups, we have the following percentages.

Of the 32 men tested- representing 23 paternal lines [19 Karaite and 4 Samaritan]
37.5% J2
25% J1
18.75% E1b1b

It is also interesting to note that there were absolutely no other haplogroups outside J1, J2 and E1b1b found among the Samaritan community and only 1 person from each of the L2a, R1b1, and Q1b1 haplogroups [each representing 3%] and 3 from the G haplogroups [representing 9%] were found among the Karaites.

In a search for the original paternal line of the Israelites, it can be a safe assumption that the original line is one of these three- J1, J2, or E1b1b. It is, however, possible, that there was no such persons as Abraham, Isaac or Jacob and that the Israelites were an amalgamation of the peoples expelled from Egypt known as the Hyksos [which is the claim of many modern Israeli archealogists].

to be continued…

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